At Sierra Putting Greens we consider customer satisfaction our number one goal. The proof of this is in our reviews. With each quote we provide a list of over 150 references. On 2/7/17 one of our prospective clients, Doyle Headrick, sent an email to all of those references requesting feedback on our services. Doyle was so impressed with the quality and volume of responses that he forwarded them to us and suggested we show them on our web site. Below is the email Doyle sent out and an unedited list of the response.
On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 12:47 PM Doyle Headrick  wrote:

Andy Cronin, from Sierra Putting Greens has listed you as a reference in installing your synthetic putting green.

Please give me any information good or bad on Sierra’s performance and quality of service.

− Doyle Headrick

What Our Customers Have to Say About Sierra PG

Hi Doyle,

Sorry for the delay, out playing racquetball in AZ. Andy is very good at what he does, especially designing the green to best utilize the space you have. I would be happy to show you mine if you were interested. Highly recommend.

Curtis Webb, CPA

Lafler Moore Connerty & Webb, LLP

Hi Doyle,

I had a great experience working with Andy. He not only did a great job on my putting green but also built me a fine bocce ball court.


Larry Pieper


Andy and his team were awesome. Andy was very price competitive and worked with us on designing a beautiful putting green and chipping complex. The installation was on time and the quality was outstanding.

I highly recommend Sierra Putting Greens.

Michael Collins

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I am very happy with the job that did. If you would like to take a look at my golf green, give me a call at 916-207-7270. I live in Rancho Cordova.

Andy Cronin was one of our better subs on our project and I strongly and highly recommend him!

Ken Wong

We had a wonderful experience from start to finish with Sierra. And our putting green has come through this winter looking just like it did the day it was installed. Kathy

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Wish we would have done it sooner. LOVE IT.

Andy was very competitive and reasonable for our project. I have a small backyard putting green and part of my front yard is now artificial grass. We are very happy with the quality of work. I am a former golf professional and the putting green is a challenging and functional practice area that I even chip too. The work was done on time. Andy was a pleasure to work with and his crew handled themselves professionally and were respectful of my property. I would recommend Andy. I have friends who have gone other routes that at first seemed to be less expensive but the quality of work as far as a functional putting green was lacking. The material used is common to other companies but I be the pre-work and design of mine is better than my friends. Again I have a small area and I do appreciate that Andy was willing to take the project on and accommodate my schedule.
Ross Raymond

Hi Doyle,
Andy and his team did a great job. They were on time and professional. Andy gave good feedback on layout and allowed us to roll some putts to make adjustments before final installation. The green has held up well for several years now. I would recommend them.

Good luck!


Hello Doyle,

Andy stands by his word and that to me was gold. We initially had soil that turned to mud when wet and that created an unstable situation… meaning the putting area could not sustain human weight when walked upon.

Andy came back, acknowledged his mistake in assessing the soil underneath and proceeded to remove all the soil, installing draining because I asked and then inserted gravel material to reinforce the soil underneath.

Andy did this, because he owned up to the problem at hand and took action to fix it. As he told me later, he never would have thought that the dirt underneath would have turned to mud in this manner.

One can say he should have known… possibly. But, to me, he never shied away from the problem, he faced it with me and made the right moves to fix it. For that alone, he stands high in character and I very much appreciated his no nonsense approach to resolving the issue.

I hold Andy in high esteem, he stood by his work and when things went wrong, he did not run away…. That to me , is everything.

We built this house 2 years ago, we have had all this rain lately, and we walked the putting green to test it and it is firm, as it should be. I thanked Andy in my thoughts for making it right…. Yes, very happy!

The workmanship is very good… installation, visual, product, etc…. explains well the pros and cons of the types of greens and what is best for the customer.

Hope this helps,

Robert Arosteguy


Andy and his crew did a wonderful job. Thinking of having him do another one.

Very satisfied with both price and quality.

Herb sample.

Mr. Headrick,
I’m happy to report Andy uses me as a reference for a reason. He (and his crew) did the work he said he would when he said he would do it. A professional and honest approach to the job is what you can expect, as well.

The quality of the product is better than I had expected. It has been about 12 years since the green was installed and it’s still rolling beautifully today - with minimal maintenance.

I’ll be honest you, I’m considering another job and the first person I’ll call is Andy. I think very highly of work he does and how professionally he handles that work. I hope I’ve been of assistance but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Brett V. Taylor
Golf Professional
Co-Host, Golf Talk Radio

Hi Doyle,
We had a great experience. Andy was helpful and and gave us an honest and accurate estimation of time when our project could be started and completed. We are very pleased with the outcome and love our putting green. Hope this is helpful, we had a positive experience.

Happy Golfing,

Hi Doyle:
I’ve been very happy with our putting green – it has held up well over many years, looks terrific, and has been fun to use. My only problem has been its proximity to a big redwood whose roots created a bit of lump – Andy came out promptly and fixed it free of charge since it was still under warranty, so that was really terrific. I think I have the same problem again, so I may be calling Andy again in the spring. My location might not have been the best for the putting green, but my goal was to eliminate the grass in this particular location since it is shady area and the grass there never grew well – I thought that the putting green would be an attractive alternative, and something that we’d enjoy using. So the putting green has totally met our goal – it looks terrific, its fun to use, and the problematic root is just part of the location I chose. I recommend Andy and Sierra Putting Greens!!

Lydia Pleotis Howell, M.D.
Professor and Chair

Hi Doyle, I had Andy install my green several years ago and have been extremely pleased with the installation and follow up since day one.
Can't go wrong!!!

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Hi Doyle,

It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the process exactly. However, I can get irritated a little quicker than most when it comes to home/backyard installation type stuff and work. Just seems like so often such companies are flakey. So, I always remember in more detail the companies I don’t like. J

That being said, I remember everything with Andy being very positive. He was on time, did what he said he was going to do, and even came back to help out on a damage issue (damage that wasn’t his fault at all) and did it without charging me anything extra.

So, I would say all good with Andy and Sierra Putting Greens.


Andy Cronin with Sierra Putting Greens installed a quality product with lots of attention to detail!!! I can't stress QUALITY enough!!! To this day (almost 4 years later) the putting green looks brand new! Andy told me that after a bit of time the green would start to lose speed and it has. Herein lies my only complaint with Andy and his company.....I called him over a year ago to apply (I think its silica sand) to speed up the which time he told me the temperature was too cold but he would be out as it began to warm. I never heard back from him!!!! Other than his lack of response I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both the product and the installation!! Please mention to Andy that I'm still waiting.....

John McLoughlin

Hi Doyle - I had a very positive experience with the putting green that Andy and Sierra Putting Greens installed in our backyard. We had a few other companies come out to provide a quote, and Andy seemed to be the most responsive and definitely more personal than the others. Price-wise, he was also more competitive. But the thing that stood out the most was that he was going to be directly involved with the entire project and you can tell that as a golfer himself, he knew what he was doing. He would be able incorporate exactly what you wanted whether it was a quicker roll, right to left breaks, left to right, or both, uphill, downhill, or areas where you just want a straight 6-8 foot putt. He just seemed less commercial like the others, which we appreciated. The others wanted to get in and out there as quickly as possible. I really can't think of anything bad to say. Its been nearly two years and we haven't had any issues and are very happy with how it came out. I'd certainly recommend him and would choose him again for another project. Hope this helps.



Andy and his crew are solid. I've used them two times for very complex putting greens with many contours and landscape architecture. They are by far the best quality, and true to budget and timeline. Also Andy is very good at working with you to make sure you're getting the most out of the area that you are utilizing. He really thinks about the project and turns it into not just a putting green but a beautiful addition to landscape design. I recommend Andy and his crew with no reservation whatsoever. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Dr. Hunt


I highly recommend Sierra Putting Greens. Great product, competitive pricing and the crew were hard working, polite and clean up was great. I suggested to my neighbors Sierra and the went with Andy also. I especially liked how Andy took a personal interest in the design from a "golfers" perspective versus a contractors perspective.
If I have an opportunity to put in another putting green, I would definitely go with Sierra Putting Greens again.

Paul Miranda

Hi Doyle. We have had our putting green for almost 10 years...never an issue. The install went fine and the durability of the turf has never been an issue.


Hi Doyle,
Andy did a great job for me. He worked with me on the design to get the look I wanted. He was able to innovate and build me a more natural looking installation. The quality of the work was excellent and exceeded my expectations. He and his team have also been great at follow-up service. I’ve had them come out a couple of times over the last eight years to add sand to the surface to adjust the speed of the greens and do a bit of repair to seams and edges. His workers are very professional and friendly. Andy is very customer service oriented and easy to work with.

I recommend him very highly.

Hope this helps,
Kevin Reedy

Andy did a great job on our putting green. He said what he was going to do and he did exactly that. We have recommended him to our friends who were also pleased with his work.

Herb Ingraham

I can’t say enough good things about the job.
I too checked Andy out
He did my neighbor’s yard and I liked it very much, so I hired him.

He was prompt
A man of his word
Timely, responsive, and thoughtful.
I recommend him highly and I know you will be pleased

He’s incredibly meticulous and will provide you with the best results.

Joe Schmidt

Hello whoever you are? Since you asked so politely I will tell you this. Andy did a great job. Gave us a fair price and performed the work in a professional manor. It's now been in for at least 5 years and still looks good

Scott Morrison

We got five bids and I think Andy was probably on the high-end but I am really glad I went with him because he knows what he's doing!!!! He is a golfer. He gave me holes with nice elevation changes and good putting breaks.My green is still perfect I love it they did a very good job and we're very professional

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Andy did a great job. My putting green is still in great shape. I had a vol (or some ground vermin) dig under part of my putting green, I called Andy, and he came out immediately and repaired it. I highly recommend him.

Richard Carrigan

They did a fabulous job.
Would and have referred him to other people. Attention to detail is obvious.
Feel free to call if you have any questions.
Jason Dudley won't be disappointed. Expert knowledge, care and delivery of a fantastic escape!

Hi Doyle,

I was very happy with Andy and his product. Andy followed through on his commitments, delivery time, and what to expect during installation. His crew was courteous and respected my property while on the job site. I was also very pleased with Andy’s ideas and recommendations for modifying my initial putting green design. I had professionally designed landscape plans and Andy was honest in pointing out some negatives I had in the plan and offered recommendations to improve the overall design of the putting green to best maximize the space.

Attached are a couple of pictures shortly after installation. The green is 30 ft x 35 ft with 7 regulation holes and a few smaller precision practice holes.


The green has worked out well. No problems have been encountered. The speed is quite satisfactory. If you have it near trees, you will need to sweep it often. I use a blower to do so. It does keep your putting game sharp. My yard has a slight slope so I get some uphill, sidehill and downhill effect. One corner of the green is raised a little so it provides for some interesting breaks, but that is an optional thing. Rain dose not present a problem.. I keep a half dozen balls and a couple of putters next to the green so I don't have to haul anything to or from. It was well worth the expense.


Andy and his crew did a great job on my layout. I'll attach a picture. You are welcome to come by and look at it.


good quality, looks great, seems to be holding up nicely, good responsive's 4 years old and looks new....



I would highly recommend Andy Cronin if you are looking to install a synthetic putting green. He did a fantastic job with ours and was extremely professional throughout the entire process. He was very attentive to what we wanted and even improved on our idea to make the putting green even more useful by creating a small chipping surface as well. He worked in conjunction with our landscaping company who was doing other landscape work at the same time to incorporate the drainage of the putting green into the drainage being installed by the landscapers. We have not had any problems with our putting green whatsoever. His knowledge of golf sets him apart from other "putting green experts". He truly knows the game and the proper way to install a putting green.

I hope this is helpful with your decision.


Tom Molokie

We have been very happy with our putting green. When construction began, it was very quick and uninterrupted from start to finish. We have had it several years now and it still looks like new. We were impressed with Andy as he was on site the entire time. Any other questions.

Elynne and Skip Vargas

First of all Andy is a good guy and he and his crew do good work. About a year after it was in I had an issue caused by rain and settling and he was on site and fixed the problem within two days of my call.
Subsequently my wife bought a 160lb Irish Wolf Hound who has adopted the putting green for her own needs. Consequently my putting green is not as welcoming as it once was.
Good luck with your project.


Hi Doyle: Glad to provide information for Andy's company. They did the installation of our putting green after I had completed the site preparation work that included a 36-inch keystone wall due to our backyard slope. For the installation of approx. 20 yards of fill material, Andy loaned me his plate compactor for the work. Saved a significant amount by not having to rent the equipment. Andy's crew was outstanding and very attentive to detail in all phases of our project. Their work included several inches of base material and the fines directly under the carpet. They basically completed the project on the first day, but had us use the surface in the evening to determine if we were satisfied with the slopes. The second day they made a few adjustments that we wanted and then finished all the detail work. We have been very satisfied with the putting green and have had no reason to have had Andy return to address any concerns. We are at 220 Oak Canyon Way (Folsom) if you would like to see our site. Phone: 987-2844.

Bob & Chris Hedges

Hi Mr. Head Rick,
Andy Cronin and his workers did a beautiful job designing, grading and installing my putting green. It has both easy and hard holes.
They were very professional.
A year after installation some Voles burrowed under it. Andy had his workers lay down a wire barrier to prevent future burrowing and just charged me their hourly rate.
5 stars
Andy Neal

I will answer any you may have about Andy, and his outstanding service. Hiring Andy to install my putting green was the best decision I ever made.

I have had my putting green for eight years now, and it still looks great. It rolls true, and challenging.

Andy is a true professional, and takes great pride in his work. I hope this helps you with your decision. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any more questions.

Ernie C.

Hi Doyle,

We think Sierra Putting Greens performance and quality of service installing our synthetic putting green was excellent.

It's been almost two years and the putting green still looks great! His crew seem to be very knowledgeable about
landscaping and they did an outstanding job installing the curbing around the green. We were pleased with
the time frame of the job and the clean-up after they were finished.

I would recommend this company.

Don Etzler

Doyle, I am very satisfied with my putting green. They did a nice job installing and designing the green. I got a fairly large green and recommend you get one with a few long putts to keep things interesting. Ours is about 30 x 12 with a sort of double level in one corner to provide break. We have had it over a year with no issues other than keeping the surface clear of leaves and other yard debris. My only complaint is that there has never been any follow up from Andy. This might be helpful in keeping the green in top condition. I will try and attach a picture but I am sending this from my kindle so I am not sure if I can do it.

I a happy to provide input on Andy and his company. They installed our putting green just as advertised. They started the job when agreed to and completed it sooner than expected. They provided the prep work and gave me good recommendations on how to integrate the rest of the back yard renovation work that I was doing myself. I am very happy with the end product and I am also happy with the follow up from Andy. You are welcome to call me to discuss further if you want.

Service and product were/are 10 of 10 scale.
After the first season we saw a little raising in the edge and I called, so I can speak to service, they were right out and fixed it.
It has performed perfectly. We now have several season including ONE day of 5 inches of rain…
We love it.
Oh and other than blowing it off with a yard blower now and then it’s Maintenance free. NO MOWING. J
Bob and Sue
North Auburn.

Doyle Headrick
I am very happy with it. He installed it about three years ago and it still looks and putts fantastic. Be warned though I am still just slightly above average putting.


Glenn Anderson

Hi, Doyle – my husband is out of town for the rest of the week. I know he really enjoys the putting green, but I don’t know the good and bad points. If you need his opinion before next week, I can text him if you’ll send me your phone number.


Doyle...i highly recommend Andy. He did two projects for me: re-surfaced and re-graded my original putting green; and more recently added a "pitching" area that was actually larger than the putting green. Andy was great to work with on both.

Terry Pierce

Hi there

He was great and our putting green is beautiful. I'm very picky and like everything just so and would totally recommend him again.

Hope that helps!
Shea Seffens

I had the green installed late 2013 and have enjoyed it ever since.
Andy was very good to work with, told me what to expect during construction, was here everyday, started and finished on time. His crew were very professional and cares about the quality of work that they do. Andy will have you look over his work, take your input and make any final "tweaks" before making the final cuts. He will even have you make some putts to be sure you are OK with the hole positions and any slope changes.
I had some minor issues with some of the seams, I called Andy, he came out right away, made some corrections but had his crew come back out and go over the entire green.
It looks as good today as when it was installed.
I really enjoy the green and the grandkids love it as well.
I would not hesitate to use his again and have not regretted installing green.
You're welcome to come see the green if you want, I'm in East Roseville, just let me know if you want to look at it.

I have been very happy with the putting green Andy installed; if you want to take a look, let me know. I live in Arden Park.
Jerry Reedy

Love it! Andy and crew did a great job. Its been over 2 years and is as good as the day they put it in. I recommend his company if you want a quality putting design by a golfer for golfers!


Quality and service and price are excellent, would use them again, been in 6 years and still looking great

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Doyle Headrick
I'm extremely happy with the work Andy did on my putting green. Not only did everything go exactly according to plan but he definitely stands behind his work. We had a small drainage issue three years after he installed it and he came out and fixed it no questions asked. I'm extremely happy with what they done for us.
Kevin 916-677-9923 if you have any questions.

I am very happy with the job Andy did. The one thing I would have done differently is decrease the slope on one side of the putting green. I also might have had him use a little longer rough on the chipping area. But these are both things that I could have suggested. Not blaming Andy for it.

I would use Andy again.

Ryan Tinney
Tinney Spine Systems. Inc.


Fabulous green. Puts a lot of thought into the putts and the roll. I highly recommend his company. Nick

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We highly recommend Andy. In two different houses of ours he has installed putting greens. The service is great and the follow-up is also. If there was any problems Andy was right there to check it out and fix it.

If you need further information here is our phone number. 916-933-3116

Doral and Gene Hofacre

A+, great job completed exactly for the price and time frame. Came back to fix a couple things, no charge. PS with a winter like we are having and having dogs, it’s a must.

Brian Vail
River West Investments

Very happy with the putting green. Andy is really knowledgeable and knows how to design these greens right. Materials were high quality and installation was well done and timely. A bit pricey, but definitely a great looking, quality finished product. Go for it.
Jim Joyner

Hi Doyle, Andy did a great job and he's a golfer too so he understands greens, breaks, and good hole locations. My green is approx. 4 years old now and I use it almost every day along with my dogs chasing balls ! The sub base is still great and andy added mesh screening so vowels and gophers cant come thru. (Very important to add this to yours). You wont be disappointed with andy's work. Good luck, mike

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All good. I have had a putting green for over 9 years and it looks as good now as it was the day it was installed. Andy is a great guy to work with. You won't go wrong.

Andy did a good job, timely and well constructed. I have been referring him to good friends.

Great job – did everything they said they would on time – even came back and made a repair that was caused by my landscape crew and not them. Would highly recommend Andy!!

Tom Bollum

easy guy to work with I really like the job he did we still use it regular and its as good as when he first put it in

Russ Kuhn
(916) 788-1703 phone

Live Well. Play Well. Stay Well.

Hi Doyle, I had my putting green installed indoors as I had an indoor hitting studio. I never hit off the synthetic surface or rolled a ball on it. I was definitely pleased with Sierra Putting Greens. Please let me know if you have any specific questions.



Andy, was a gentleman, on time, not messy contractor who did a wonderful job on our putting green. My partner also put one in and is very satisfied. I would have Andy put in another putting green if we ever moved.

Jack Moore
Lafler Moore Connerty & Webb, LLP

I am very satisfied with the putting green Andy installed. It has been about 5 years and
all is still good. I would recommend him.


Doyle Headrick
Doyle, I am happy to recommend Andy & his team. They did a approx.. 20’ x 60’ area for us, with approx.. 2/3 of that being putting/chipping and the remainder being thicker/suitable for sitting/patio furniture/etc. Looks as good today as it did when they installed it. They were efficient and very interactive when it came to design features. Highly recommend them.

Dan Roberts

Mr. Headrick:
It has been a number of years now since that installation, and we moved from that house 3 years ago. The green was still in excellent shape then. Mr. Cronin was straightforward, helpful with his suggestions, and did an outstanding job. I haven’t seen him since, but we were very happy with his product and his installation performance.

Roger Hewitt

Andy did a very good job on a “small” green in my back yard. The project was completed on time and has lasted for several years now. I’m very satisfied.
Jay Allen

I've been very happy with my green in my back yard. They installed my 15'x18' green back in May 2011 and it is holding up well. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them. I've had only one minor issue where it looks like a mole or some rodent burrowed from below and tried to come up through but wasn't successful. It is not noticeable unless you step right on it and you can feel the void. Andy is the one who noticed it while giving me a quote for my front yard. He said he could repair it but it wasn't worth it to me. It hasn't gotten any bigger and I haven't had any other areas that this occurred.
Hope this helps. If you have an iPhone, I could FaceTime you and you can see the green.

Hi Doyle,

Overall I would rate Sierra highly. 4.5 on a scale of 5. I got numerous bids but I like the quality of the product that Andy uses and his workmanship and after install support was very good. He was not the cheapest but I am confident that I got good value for my money.


We are very satisfied with the final product. With all of the recent rain, there have been no drainage problems. If you would like to look at ours, let me know. We are in Lincoln.
Jim Page

Hi Doyle…
I love the green Andy put in.
They were professional, quick and cleaned up very well once done.
Always on time and always communicated very well.

Andy likes to have more break in a green then I wanted…mine was more for training then enjoyment. So have in mind what you want when creating your green…
Mine is about 1000 square feet…go as big as you can….you will use it more.
Andy is an expert so good to listen to him….you want to be able to putt from every hole to every hole….

Also I have an open area next to my house..Andy suggested I put down a metal screen that would keep Gophers from digging…he does this at cost…
I did not do that and regret it….I don’t have any gophers but if I had put down the screen I would not have to worry about it.

Lastly, the green is way more durable than I expected…I have trees and need to blow it off every couple of days. The green is always great to putt on. I have had if for two years….as good as the day Andy put it in.

Good luck

No complaints what so ever!! Andy and his guys did an amazing job with my putting green!


Andy did a great job with my putting green! I recommend him!

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